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Gynaecological Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Surgery

Department of Gynecology Endoscopy

Holy family hospital announces an in-house superspeciality department of gynecology endoscopy available to all patients 24/7.

This department has state of art Endoscopy equipments  & is backed by a dedicated well trained suoerspecialist skilled in all forms of simple & complex endoscopy procedures .

The department is headed by Prof Dr Rita Mhaskar { MBBS {AIIMS}MD{AIIMS}DNBE FRCOG{LON}FRS{ROBOTIC SURGERY}

Clinical Team:

Prof Dr Rita Arun Mhaskar

Dr Rita Mhaskar, recipient of the National Science Talent scholarship, did her MBBS & MD in 1982 from the esteemed AIIMS {New Delhi}. She did her Senior Residency & Pool officer from the same till 1988. She further did her MRCOG from London & was awarded fellowship FRCOG from Royal college of Obstetricians & Gynecologists Further trained in Robotic surgery & was awarded FRS in the same From 1988 to 2012. She was in the Department of OBGYN in St Johns Academy of medical sciences Bangalore where after joining as Asst prof rose to become Prof & Head of Department.

In 2012 she joined Manipal hospital Bangalore as Senior Consultant & Head of Academics, Chairman Scientific Committee, Member of Ethics Committee & Adj Prof Manipal University. In 2016 she joined Motherhood Hospitals & Columbia Asia Hospitals as Sr Consultant & gynecologic Endoscopic surgeon and continuing till date. Joined Holy family hospital New Delhi as Head of Gynecology Endoscopic Surgery from 5th September 2019

She has extensive experience in all complex obstetrics & Gynecological surgeries including high risk pregnancies, complicated caesarian section, hysterectomies, vvf repair and cancer surgeries.

Areas of special interest include - Surgeries for mullerian anomalies including Genitoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Cervical reconstruction Endoscopic or Minimally invasive surgeries.

This has been her passion & she has been one of the pioneers in this field in Bangalore starting in the early 1990s She has more than 5000 surgeries to her credit including Ovarian cystectomy, treatment of endometriosis, total laparoscopic hysterectomy, myomectomy, tubal recanalization etc.

She has published extensively in international & national journals & is regularly invited as speaker at national & international conferences.

Her firsts in literature include:
Use of Amniotic graft in vaginal & cervical reconstruction
Combined total laparoscopic hysterectomy & CABG in a 71 yr old patient.



1 ] What is endoscopic surgery ?
A ] Endoscopic surgery is surgery performed through very small cuts by means of a
slimfiberoptic instrument.

2 ] What are the types of Endoscopic Surgery ?
A ] There are 2 types of Endoscopic Surgeries a] Laparoscopy b] Hysteroscopy.

3 ] What are the indications for a laparoscopic Surgery ?

A ] Diagnostic
- Infertility
- Pelvic pain
- Pelvic mass
- Pregnancy in tube/outside the womb (uterus)

B ] Therapeutic
- Removal of ovarian cysts / mass/ Ovarian Cystectomy
- Endometriosis
- Removal of fibroids / Myomectomy
- Removal of uterus / Hysterectomy
- Repair of vault prolapse



4 ] What is Hysteroscopy ?
A ] The inside of the uterine cavity is viewed through a small fiberoptic instrument & Surgeries done through it. There is no cut made in this

5 ] What are the indications for Hysteroscopy?
A ] Diagnostic
- Infertility
- Locating a missing CuT
- Diagnosing a uterine anomaly
- Diagnosing uterine polyps
- Diagnosing uterine cancer

B ] Therapeutic
- Removal of uterine septum
- Removal of polyps
- Removal of submucous fibroid
-Resection of Endometrium



6 ] What are the advantages of endoscopic surgery
A ]
- Patient friendly
- Major surgery done through very small incisions.
- Early postoperative recovery
- Minimal postoperative pain
- less exposure of tissues so less drying & hence less adhesions
- Minimal chances of infection
- Early return to normal activity
- less chances to develop Hernia
- Scar less surgery in hysteroscopy

7 ] When should we avoid Laparoscopic surgery ?
A ] When general anesthesia cannot be given
- previous multiple surgeries
- Unstable patient

8 ] Complications of endoscopic surgery ?
A ] Same as in open surgery in skilled hands
- Complications of GA
- Injury to bowel, urinary bladder, ureter & major blood vessels


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